Curves, Twists and Bends

Annette Wellings, Alan Herdman

Singing Dragon

1st Ed. September, 2009

158 Pages

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Written in response to the many requests for a practical and accessible guide to exercise for scoliosis sufferers, "Pilates for Scoliosis" combines the insights of Annette Wellings, who has major scoliosis, with Alan Herdman, the UK's leading Pilates practitioner. This clear and concise book explains in accessible terms what scoliosis is, its symptoms, and its physical and psychological aspects. It includes a series of Pilates exercises, specially-designed by the authors to promote flexibility, posture and muscle strength in scoliosis sufferers as well as information on what exercises to avoid. It also offers basic strategies and practical tips for living with the condition, including useful advice on diet, rest, sitting, carrying and how to dress. Written with the full range of scoliosis sufferers in mind, "Pilates for Scoliosis" highlights the importance of gentle exercise for keeping the body as healthy and flexible as possible. "Pilates for Scoliosis" will be indispensable to individuals with scoliosis and their families as well as to physical therapists, Pilates instructors and other professionals who advise scoliosis patients on exercise and lifestyle options.

Annette Wellings is a Pilates instructor who suffers from major scoliosis. She began exploring different ways of keeping her body flexible and healthy whilst working as a linguist and artist in Australia. Subsequently, she retrained in rehabilitation Pilates. Alan Herdman is the UK's leading practitioner of Pilates. After introducing Pilates to the UK in 1970, he went on to establish studios both here and in several other countries. He continues to adapt and develop new exercises to address the needs of every client he consults with. He currently teaches doctors, professional dancers and sportsmen and women, as well as people with a wide variety of physical disabilities.

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